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In 2014 we developed a new standard in accessibility signature with a focus on hotels worldwide. In 2015 we are online, adding hotels to our country pages. In 2016 we feature 150 hotels at the start of the new year! In the Netherlands, we test hotels according to guidelines approved by our testteams and according to existing regulations. Travellers worldwide can join us in working with us. We have developed our own online hotelcheck. Feel free to share your ideas and contact us. What is accessibility? What is it to you? What is hotelaccessibility? It is difficult to define accessibility. If you ask people about it, they think of wheelchairs. Therefore we chose this powerful image, created by Hannah Ensor who calls it the Positive Accessibility Symbol, to use as our company logo. But accessibility is about such a variety of factors that you can never be conclusive. However, you can do all you can to increase the accessibility standards to the highest level possible to be of service to as many people as possible. On the other end you can start to make sure a minimum level of accessibility is ensured. Accessibility can be very personal, just like your preferred taste. We don’t define that for you. But when safety and independence is guaranteed, we do business with you. In many countries there are many different levels and standards where accessibility is concerned. We feel that the most important is that – next to accessible bathrooms and airplanes – the hotel of choice is aware of the needs of travellers. Because awareness will always be the first step to change and improvement. We are proud to work with hotels, partners, travellers. Let’s travel the world. Together. Join our mission to raise awareness. Accessible tourism is a global matter. Please use #ChangeAwareness and #ChangeAccessibility

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